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Kelly Will

Reiki Healer/Practioner Level 3 Advanced Master Level



I found myself always wanting to help people from as young as I can remember. I tried everything from counselling to healing of any kind, but never really discovered how to make the largest impact. Until I had received and experienced Reiki many years ago now. Suddenly it all became clear and the dots in my head connected, as if it was always there, but hidden from me. I instantly knew deep within myself that I wanted to pursue Reiki and become a Reiki healer. My ideal goal was to practice on my family, friends & animals, but as time progressed I was given the opportunity to expand my practice and help all those who feel they need some healing. My ultimate goal and purpose is to heal, love and spread love. I want to help ease your tension, stress, physical & emotional pain, balance your energy & bring to you what I encounter during a session, which is deep immense relaxation. After a tragic loss in my family, this became more evident that I must expand & widen my knowledge & continue this energy healing work…  developing not only my Reiki intuition but my spiritual mind too. Being kind to ourselves and allowing time for ourselves too is a valuable important step, that when granted can be so rewarding. Reiki is for our pets too. My love for animals runs deeper than just having a bond. I've always felt close and extremely connected to all animals wild and domesticated. Working with them and for them for years has only strengthened my love and compassion for these beauties. 

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