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The Power of Reiki

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Currently working remotely for all sessions with exceptions to animals outside.. humans masked. This means book from anywhere in the the world!!! 
Let me show you how the power of Reiki can help you!

Reiki is a an extremely spiritual and powerful form of bodywork that works on a cellular level. It heals in ways we can't even imagine, from deep emotional pain to the physical layers related to injuries and accidents. It additionally works immensely well at balancing and grounding our energy centers, which run through and around our entire bodies. I feel that because of the world we live in today, it is an absolute necessity to stay grounded, relaxed and fully present. 

Dating back to the early 1920’s Dr Mikao Usui from Japan was enlightened with the Reiki symbols, hand positions and attunements whilst on a retreat on Mt Kurama-Yama. The world is honoured and inspired by his teachings today, and we feel grateful he was able to pass along this information before his passing in 1926 . For years Reiki has been used in hospitals across the globe to help those pre and post surgeries and those who are terminal. Studies have shown incredible results including expedited healing from surgery and wounds, to pain free post surgeries integrating a deep sense of calm realaxation during and after treatments. 

Available Treatments
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  • Distant Reiki

  • Animal Reiki

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